Good Morning;
I have had a pretty great week so far. I am trying to learn the navigation process on this blog.
I am not as computer savy as I thought. I wasn’t able to put this live until today.
I have been on track with eating my usual, eggs, veggies, meat and kerrygold or coconut oil.
Gym schedule so far:
Monday-Elliptical 20 min, followed by the bike for 20 min
( it seems the bike is the only place that I can keep my heart-rate in the fat burn stage, the elliptical is always in cardio stage)
Followed by upper body work out for 30 minutes
Tuesday-Elliptical 30 min. Followed by ab work out 20 minutes and 10 minute arms
Wednesday- 30 minute leg workout followed by 27 min Skimble dumbbell blast thanks to my new app (
Thursday- 15 minute core booster abs workout this morning utilizing skimble
Later tonight I will have to get something else in, I just won’t be making it to the gym.
I try to do some sort of exercise daily and drink 3-4 of my 27fl ounce water container. I dont’ know if I can get higher than that, I may float away or better yet need Depends. LOL
Hope you all are having a great week! Remember to bare with me as this is new to me.
I will send you off with a great resource I use frequently.