OK so I was just sitting at my desk and started to think… “God I wish I had a snickers bar” because my brain is still not use to eating correctly, oh and because it is 5 days before “that girl problem” that comes along each month.  I spent far to many years eating junk and craving… well more like addicted to chocolate and carbs. For many years I would closet eat most things that were bad for me. This mainly because I was always on some fad diet and knew I couldn’t have that snickers, cupcake or bag of chips that I wanted. And NEVER wanted anyone to know that I was in-fact CHEATING.  So I would grab what I wanted and hide in the pantry and eat it.  I will be honest this has happened probably 4 times since I started eating Paleo. Although,  I have definitely  improved on this issue , mostly becuase I now know that the only person I am cheating is MYSELF.  The more I educate myself on the affects that processed foods have on my body, the easier it is to reward my body with better foods.  

I was introduced to what I know as the “crack bar” after my 30 day Paleo Challenge was up in March. Let me tell you something…it is Heaven in your mouth, and euphoria to your mind.  The real name for it “Chocolate Coconut Bar”. These are spectacular.  So I will defer my bad thoughts of a snickers bar and reward myself this evening with these happy treats when I replenish my stash this evening.  I am sharing the recipe with you.  If you want to try a little piece of heaven you must try them.

“Crack Bars”


 FYI I love to use Ghirardelli 60% Cacao Bittersweet chips they are delicious. And perfect with almond on them as well, just like an Almond Joy.

What is the difference between Cacao and Cocoa you may ask.. Well check out the link below for more information