So we have certainly had our share of water in the form of rain and lots of it. I know I have been feeling a little water logged.

But how much water are you actually getting into your system everyday. Now if we were an outdoor tree, plant or grass I would say we got plenty. LOL But we obviously are not so chances are not nearly enough.  I know I am suppose to be getting 130 oz a day, but if I am exercising regularly I should be adding 27 oz more to that.

Sure signs of whether your drinking enough would be;

  1. How often do you pee
  2. What color is your pee

We are always worrying, did I eat the right foods today, did I have enough vegetables, protein and fat today?

What you should worry about before all that is How much water you are consuming for your body today.

Did you know most of your body is water?

You already know that water is good for you. You know having enough makes your kidneys and liver happy, as well as helping shuttle nutrients around the body.

You’ve cut out soda, skipped the sports drinks, and do your best to drink minimal coffee or tea. Well done. You’re getting yourself reacquainted with the good stuff nature intended. But should you have a goal for water consumption? I mean, how much should you be drinking?

So how much should I be drinking?

The answer is really quite simple, but a little different for everyone. You should pee clear (or close to it) 5 times a day. Two of those five should be after your workout, to be sure  you’ve re-hydrated. It’s really that simple. Of course, you’ll probably pee more than this, but if you’re getting your 5 clear pees in a day, chances are you’re plenty hydrated.

Telling a person that they should drink something like 8 glasses or 64 ounces can be misleading. Depending on things like our daily activity, stress, and even sleep, we may need more or less than that. We also get a good deal of water from the food we eat. Veggies like cucumbers, carrots, and celery have quite a bit of moisture (try juicing those three together – it’s tasty and you get TONS of juice). Taking all this into account and having someone else figure out that perfect quantity for your particular body can be just this side of impossible. Giving you the guideline to do it yourself? Now you’re empowered! Through pee! Amazing, I know.

One of my cool friends over at Pretty in Paleo  (make sure you visit her page, she has great recipes and resources as well) she was nice enough to share this Hydration Calculator on her sight.

Now go on click on the calculator to see what you should be drinking.

And don’t forget to hydrate.  Keep your water bottle with you and refill as necessary. 

Water water everywhere!