Hi there,

Well today has been a great day.  I started my morning by sleeping in until 8am. Yahoo!!! It felt good to not have to be up at 6:30. I had my coffee and I was at the gym by 9:15.

So let me ask you all, how do you know what to do at the gym?  What exercises, how many reps, which cardio machine will you use? Do you go to classes or have a trainer?

Well for me there are basics that I remember from earlier on when I was young, healthy and fit, (way younger) but I needed a refresher course and wanted more extensive routines.  I have scoured the Internet  and the app store for ideas.  And then, I basically stalked the trainers at the gym.  I would move onto different stations just to get an eye on what the trainer was doing with the poor soul at their mercy.  Funny thing, this did teach me a lot.  Oh I am still learning but I have enough to help make me burn this ever loving fat off my body.  

I have shared a few of my favorite exersices  with you,  I found some cool You tube videos to show you. Remember you can find everything you need right on the Internet to get you started.

Lower Ab-  http://youtu.be/MDJ-iLyeOow
This is a killer. I try to do at least 5-6 times a week with the exercise just below this. Some days are worse than others. I do any where from 5-10 reps of 10 depending on what else I am doing that day.

Bench Upper & Lower Ab- http://youtu.be/wNcP9bTEVjc

I usually do this in conjunction with the above workout and will some times alternate between the two to give me a longer workout on that area.
My favorite machine is the Smith Machine, there are so many different ways to utilize this machine. Very cool! I have been doing 5 reps of 10, on the squats, and bench presses. (Does anyone know how heavy the bar is alone?) I need to find this out.

Smith Machine- http://youtu.be/qPWXdq7idrI

In my gym there is a women’s only area, this is where I feel more comfortable. Since I am in there mostly by myself this machine is great because I do not need a spotter.

I find going to the gym is a definite stress reliever for me, I get into a zone listening to my music and find it is a happy place for me to be. Never thought I would say that! LOL