You gotta love the summer time, sun, the beaches, bbq’s, family and friends.  So many memories are made during these times. Everyone has a sun kissed body, there is always a themed party, some with games, an open fire on the fire pit and usually fun lil drinks. Summer is just all around a great time of the year.
Yesterday I celebrated my youngest sons 20th birthday! Eeeek. It was a bittersweet one for me.  He is so grown up. And so not my lil boy any longer. He makes me so very proud.  He has turned into a magnificant young man. We had our first BBQ for the summer to celebrate him. 
So now that I am Paleo and many of my family members and some friends are as well, I always need to think of Paleo dishes to incorporate into the meal planning. We want everyone to enjoy the festivities.
Funny thing, we were announcing what was on the menu for the BBQ and we had to point out the Paleo chicken, hot dogs and salad. I wanted to make sure those choosing the paleoethic way ate appropriately. 🙂
 Some people called it “fake food”!  Ha-ha, two people did ask me what it was, well I was sure to tell them it was not “fake food”.   It was extremely funny to me as it is the most natural food you can eat. But as I know, unless your educated about what it is and what the food is your putting in your body you just don’t know. * If you are new to my blog and do not know about Paleo please take a moment to look at the links on the right side of my page.*
Again, a huge reason why I am doing this blog. 
For the majority of our party we marinated the chicken breast for everyone in this teriyaki sauce that my husband loves, (and yes loaded with a lot of un-natural ingredients)  we cooked regular beef hot dogs and burgers with all the fixings, chips and pasta salad for most of our guests.
For the Paleo eaters;
  • I marinated 1/2 doz chicken breasts in Balsamic vinegar, coconut oil, , apple cider vinegar, Dijon mustard, honey, fresh garlic & spices.
  • We had Applegate hot dogs (nitrate free and natural ingredients) no bun
  • We had the burgers everyone else had, I try to buy 85% and above if I can’t get the grass fed. We  just ate them without the bun but we had all the fixings, (sautéed mushrooms, bacon *nitrate free of course, onion and lettuce)
  • Salad I made a coleslaw salad that has become a staple for our household. One bag of mixed coleslaw, 1/2 c. raisins, 1/8 c sesame seeds, 1/4c of sunflower seeds mix with  1/4 apple cider vinegar, 1/4 c balsamic vinegar, 1/4 c honey. (Best if made day before and mix well before serving)
  •  Huge Fruit salad for everyone.
 Everything was Supper good. The one thing I need to do for the next party is make sure I make a Paleo dessert to end the festivities. I never leave myself enough time.
If you follow my Pintrest you will see many Paleo recipes that I have pinned.
Another great resource for recipes is Fast Paleo which also has a great app.
Yesterday I did not go to the gym, which after Friday and Saturdays workouts my body was perfectly fine with that. My abs and thighs were screaming mercy.  LOL. But I did get a nice hour long sweaty work out in my back yard cleaning tables , chairs and the fire pit in preparation for the party.