“We can reverse years of damage to our bodies by deciding to raise our standards for ourselves, then living differently. Old wounds heal, injuries repair, and the whole system improves with just a few changes in what we put into our bodies and how we move them.”

I am amazed at how many different reason there are to eat other than for nourishment.   We eat for holidays, birthdays, special occassions, funerals, weddings, date night, because we are bored, because we are depressed, happy or sad…the list goes on and on.  It’s no wonder why it is so easy to loose control of what you are eating and how much we put into our body. 

I look back at pictures of me growing up and remember different things about the times the pictures were taken.  I can pin point exactly the point that I believe my addiction to food started.  That would be shortly after I graduated H.S.  Life became hard, I grew up to fast and didn’t give myself enough time to grow or reflect on what I wanted in life. I moved out at 18, got my own apartment, worked full time, paid bills and then 4 years later I had my babies. BAM, it all just happened to quickly. As the years went on and I found myself  in a disfunctional,  unhappy marriage, coupled with the struggles of  raising our children who both had disabilities.   My life just got away from me.  Well before I knew it depression set in and my go to drug…FOOD.

About a year before I started paleo I became so angry with myself for allowing such unhealthy choices consume my life.  I ballooned to sizes I never thought that I would ever get to.  Now that anger has subsided and I have a desire  to be healthy. I am determined to be exactly who I want to be, and healthy and fit as I should be.

  Check out what I did to my body in 26 years. These pictures are a great eye opener.    I am reminded that it took 26 years to damage my body so it will take some time to repair it.  I am in it for the long haul.  I am Disciplined and I know what I want.

Junior year of H.S 1986 w/ my brother

25th H.S Reunion Nov 2012

 Crazy pics right! I look at them and they are my fuel to keep going on the healthy track.  I want to age gracefully, healthy and happy. I want to enjoy my husband and our children for years and years to come.   I am ecstatic to share with who ever will listen how fantastic I feel since paleo.  I hope if your in a bad spot like I have been for so many years that my stories and resources will help you.

 Its all about educating yourself.  Its about Discipline! It’s your body! Your health and happiness should be your priority in life.

Check out these awesome success stories that I came across on FB.  https://www.facebook.com/PaleoSuccessStories?ref=bf

What steps will you take to get healthy and happy?