1.Drained of one’s physical or mental resources; very tired.
2.(of resources or reserves) Completely used up.

spent – weary – worn-out – tired

This would be me in a nutshell.  I feel like I have a hangover only with out the nausea and headache.  I went to the Kid Rock Concert last night. Which was fabulous by the way.  I only drank two drinks but I did not get home until late and probably had 4 hours of sleep. 

Well I had a good breakfast, hard boiled eggs and fruit with coffee, I had a good healthy salad for lunch, but those and the 2 medium coffee’s aren’t  working, my Synergy drink isn’t working and well now I just had a friggen candy bar  because I NEED ENERGY and I had no good choices at work today. LOL

I hate being old and not being able to stay out late and function. LOL

My only 3 tips for you today;

1. Get plenty of sleep, preferably more than 4 hours before you go to work for 8 hours.

2. Keep healthy food choices at work.

3. Take the day off after a concert

Oh wait those would be tips for me!!!!! HAHAHAHA