I am preparing my weekly meal plan to start Low Carb Paleo again. The last time I did it I went down another 7 pounds from where I was and a few more inches as well.

It all depends on what your regimine is for working out on weather or not the LC will suit you.  When you go LC you tend to have less energy. Well I know I did. Not lethargic like but definitely not as big of a pep in my step. 

My Plan is to go three weeks with only 50-55 grams of Carbs in my diet per day. This means I will not be eating fruit, but mostly low carb veggies and protien and high fat.  I gathered a list of low carb veggies and I keep this hung in my kitchen along with the United Barbell Paleo approved list. My challange is getting enough good fat into my system when I do this.  I will be using lots of Coconut Milk, Coconut Oil and Coconut in general.  I am not a fan of Avacados but I have been experimenting a little with them to make them enjoyable.  These are a great good fat choice.

The Paleo diet can be ketogenic, but only if you limit your carbs below 50 g a day, this would not be healthy. The Paleo diet is lower in carbs (less than 100 g a day for most people, but up to 150 g a day for active people) compared to the standard American diet (an average of 300 g a day!). I am choosing the lower end of the spectrum to shed a few more pounds.  The Picture above shows you how much you should be allowing on your plate.

So what I need to do is utilize my Carb Diet App which is on my Iphone. I will be untraditional as I will be tracking my paleo intake. this is not normally what you need to do on Paleo.  However, since I want to track exactly how many carbs I have eaten that day I need to do it.  I will prepare a meal plan for the week to make my shopping easier as I need to pick out lower carb veggies if I want to consume more.  I am all about seeing food on my plate and that idea of using a smaller plate just doesn’t work for me.  I like to eat!!!!

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 Ketosis Vs. Ketoacidosis

Many people, including doctors, dietitians and health professionals, confuse ketosis with ketoacidosis and advise against low-carb diets because of this. If you eat a low-carb diet (which could be defined as providing less than 50 g of carbs a day), you will likely be in ketosis. In other words, it means that your body will be primarily utilizing fat (both the fat you eat and the fat you have stored on your body) and ketones (a by-product of fat oxidation) for energy.

Ketosis as the result of a low-carb diet is also referred to as nutritional ketosis. Ketosis is not dangerous and simply means that the levels of ketones in your body are slightly higher (between 3 and 5 mM vs. 0.5 mM with a high-carb diet) compared to a sugar burner because your body has become a fat burner. (5)

Ketoacidosis, on the other hand, is a medical emergency and occurs when ketone levels rise 5 to 10-fold higher compared to nutritional ketosis (between 15 and 25 mM). Ketoacidosis can only happen in the almost complete absence of insulin, such as in uncontrolled type 1 diabetes. (5)

***Always check with your doctor firstbefore making any changes to your diet, especially if you decide to adopt a ketogenic diet. If you have blood sugar issues, diabetes, hypertension or any other medical conditions and/or take prescribed medications, consult your doctor or registered dietitian for help during the transition to a lower carb diet. Decreasing your carb intake can rapidly lower your blood sugar levels, blood pressure and other health parameters, which may require prompt adjustments to your medications or medical treatment.***.

Here is a quick generaol list of what carbs look like in Vegetables