I am extremely excited to be on vacation. A great friend of mine is visiting from PA, the weather is gorgeous, Life is good.

Vacation doesn’t have to be going to some exotic location or even far from your home.   Although both would be extremely wonderful I am very content just taking day trips and spending quality time with friends and family. Vacation means time to relax and unwind. No worries should be had.

So how do you stay Paleo while on vacation you may ask?   You may find that it’s extremely tempting to abandon your healthy eating habits and start eating everything in sight. Despite your best intentions to stick to a healthy eating plan, you may be lured in by the sights and scents of delicious restaurant meals, fast food, and rich, home-cooked meals prepared by well-meaning family members.

I find if I plan in advance its much easier to make smarter choices.  Figure out where you will be going? Look at the menus  online before hand if you can.  Make decisions before you actually get there as to what you will have.  If the dishes have items on it that you can’t eat, ask for substitution. For many it may be hard to plan in advance especially if you have gone away to that exotic place that I long for.  But always remember you really can’t go wrong with Veggies and any Protein you can find.  At every place you go you can always find healthy choices.

Look for salads, veggies, sweet potato, steak, chicken, pork, beef, fish etc. If your going on an outing carry smart choices with you in a back pack.   Now understandably there may be something that you really want and it may not be clean eating. I believe everyone should splurge if you so choose, Life is way to short not to do what you want. Just remember if you haven’t been eating grains , dairy or processed food be super careful not to indulge in those while away unless you know how your body reacts, or your digestive track will not be happy and it may pose as a disaster for you.  This you don’t want to happen while on VACATION.

Have fun and relax!

I found a great resource for you to use to help you stick to healthy eating.  Paleo Non Paleo