I love it when I connect with other people who are doing Paleo and share their stories with me.   Just like Hella Paleo .   I love it even more when other bloggers like Hella Paleo share my page.

It is truly inspiring to read others success stories.  To read that their journey is similar to mine or to read about the changes that they have made in their lives and the transformations their bodies have made are phenomenal.  If only the rest of America would catch on and also start clean eating.

I love when people ask me what I am doing.  Their response is comical, because it sounds like me a year ago.

“That sounds to hard”…”To much money”…”To much planning and preparation”…”I don’t have time to do that”…”It sounds hard”

The list goes on and on with all the excuses I had.  The one important piece of advice I can give you….

Start Goggling Paleo. You will read so many amazing stories, articles and resources.  See how clean eating actually changes your health and well being.  You will be amazed at how many are doing Paleo and even more amazed at the results people have.  These are real people with real stories.  No pills, no surgeries just eating clean and staying away from anything processed or refined is all it is in a nutshell.  Eat Protein, vegetables, fruit and nuts.

Take a look at the resources I have shared.