I stumbled upon an article today on how to purchase Grass Fed beef in bulk on Living Low Carb One Day at a time.

The author DaNelle of the Weed ‘Em & Reap  website even went a step further and took the time to spell out exactly how the pricing per size of the steer works. A very impressive savings even compared to buying regular CAFO meat. I am seriously going to consider this option.  I guess I would have to first purchase a freezer to store all that beef in.  Second talk my husband into such a purchase as he is bearly Paleo.  LOL

If your at all interested in this option you should seriously check out her article.  Click the link below.

Weed ‘Em & Weep

Click here Eat Wild Farms to see a list of local farmers offering this option.

If you have ever purchased your Grass Fed Beef using farms I would love to hear from you about how your experience was or is.