There are a hand full of products that I buy that are Paleo friendly that I absolutely love!

This is one of them.  Have you tried Tessemae’s Products

 If you haven’t its a must. You can locate them in Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s or on-line. 


They have a variety of flavors.

I absoultely love the Southwest Ranch on Salads and Chicken dishes. 

All of their products are all Natural no preservatives.  The flavors I mentioned above are all Paleo. There are some other flavors that contain Soy, so make sure you read the label.

I found a Super Simple Recipe

Pulled Pork

Put 2 and a half pound shoulder in the crock pot. (no need to add spices)

If there is enough fat no water needed. 

Cook for 10 hours on low

Pulled the shoulder out of the crock pot, pour off the fat and return the roast to the pot. 

Shred it with 2 forks and add 1 cup of magic! Tessemae’s BBQ Sauce

Cook for another hour on High

Then Enjoy!