Welcome to my page. My journey to getting healthy. For almost 2 years my niece was trying to educate me on the fabulous world of Paleo. I have watched her transform her body and mind into the beautiful machine it is today. I had been suffering from severe headaches mostly allergy related, insomnia and back pain as well. Finally, I decided to listen, partly out of jealousy, but mostly I was 44 and needed to take control of my own body again. In January I decided to start taking steps toward eating right cutting certain things out (i.e. bread, pasta and potato) to help prepare my brain for what I was about to do. I was (still am) a total CARB and SUGAR lover! On Saturday, Feb 2, 2013, I finally embarked on the “30 Day Paleo Challenge” I started my morning weighing in and taking my measurements. (262lbs) I printed off a list from United Barbell; I use the cheat sheet they supply in the packet and I keep it hanging in my kitchen. I went to the market and purchased all that I would need to incorporate into my diet. I will not lie the first two weeks of my shopping were a little more expensive as I stocked my shelves with the important foods that I would need. The First week was a little scary, learning how to buy food and cook correctly for myself, and cook regular meals for the family. The 2nd week I was extremely cranky, my body was tired. It wanted all the bad fat, sugar & carbs. By the third week I felt amazing and I started sleeping well and noticed I hadn’t had a headache. For 30 days, I had no dairy, no refined sugar, no wheat, white potato or pasta. Well I am here to tell you it is all worth it. Yay me. I finally found what works for me!! On March 2, 2013, 30 days later I weighed and measured my self. I lost 18lbs and four total inches! I went from 18-20 teetering on 22 jeans to a size 16W. Exciting right? Well here I am 6 months into living Paleo and I have lost 44 lbs and 27 inches . No more plus size numbers for this girl. And surprise…surprise no more back pain. Once you have the foods you can eat down, shopping is simple. The Internet has a million Paleo recipes and so much information with tons of resources to help you along the way. I am now eating in a Paleolithic way; this is now my way of life. I decided to start blogging my experiences, because I realized over the years that so many of us struggle with our weight, but mostly it is a way to help keep me accountable while I live this new lifestyle. Kelli♥