What is the Whole 30? You take 30 Whole days out of your life and commit to eating clean.   This means eating only Paleo foods.  meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, healthy oils such as; coconut, avocado and olive oils, nuts and seeds. Ideally you want to choose foods that are grass fed or grown naturally.  However this is not always possible for most us as the cost can be a little pricey.  However your goal is to pick the healthiest of  proteins and vegetables.  When picking your veggies get the ones with the most vitamins and minerals.  For your meat, pick the best cuts of beef. When choosing your eggs it is important to pick eggs with Omega 3, Born free is good.

You want to stay away from:  Sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes and dairy, processed and refined foods.  These all  have significant potential down sides, and may not contribute positively to your health.  The purpose of the Whole 30 is basically to rid your body of all the bad toxins.  You are essentially fasting from all the processed junk you have been putting into your body. As I have said before, the first week is hell, your cravings will try to overcome you, the second week you may feel sluggish, by the third week you will feel rejuvenated again, you should definitely feel a difference in your weight, By week four you will feel awesome.

Make sure you weigh your self and take measurements prior to starting the Whole 30. Try to stay away from your scale for the 30 days. (Hide it even, that’s what I had to do.)

Basically your shopping list will look like this;

Whole 30 shopping list

30 Reasons to do the Whole 30

If none of what I have said or you have read has changed your mind. Look at the transformation I am making and this is only a few short months.  I can’t imagine what a whole year will bring.  I am extremely excited to find out though. (whoa I am really putting myself out there for you all to see)  I want to share every bit of my journey with you in hopes of helping you to change your lifestyle for the better.