I continue to be blown away by the amazing benefits of Paleo eating. As I have shared with you I have had many amazing benefits from eating this way. Obviously my weight has decreased, but I have also had a significant decrease in my headaches and allergies, my aches and pains with my back and hips have diminished.  More importantly, I have noticed a considerable difference in my sleep habits and my anxiety.  I went from having to take medication nightly for anxiety and a sleep disorder to only having to take it a couple of times a month at the most.    My family members and friends have also experienced incredible results with their weight, and more importantly their health.   I have read so many success stories on the internet and in magazine articles. It’s all just mind blowing how our diet affects our lives in such a profound way.

Did you know that Autism is now affecting 1 in 6 children in theUSAand it is on the rise?  A few decades ago it was virtually unknown, but it’s now fast becoming an epidemic in the civilized world.

For years research has shown that your diet can play a huge part in inducing symptoms such as hyperactivity, aggressiveness, temper tantrums, and self-injurious behaviors (like head banging, hair pulling, scratching and biting).  SEE STUNNING INFORMATION AT The AUTISM PROJECT.

I have two children with ADHD and OCD.  I myself noticed differences in they’re behaviors when they consumed certain foods growing up.  After years of denial or lack of knowledge or ambition to try other things, (or finally done finding excuses) I began realizing these symptoms were exaggerated with certain foods, I started to slowly cut these from my grocery list. First and foremost, soda and snacks had been taken out of the equation.   And now as my youngest gets older he has started to realize different changes in himself when he decreased his bread, pasta and sugar intake. Celiac, Autism, ADHD have all been linked in some way and it all seems to point to a contributory factory “GLUTEN”.

Having said that, it makes complete sense that Paleo is good for autism, because it doesn’t contain any foods that challenges our digestive and immune system. Grains are cut out, as well as dairy, produce, additives, sugar and processed foods. The Paleo Diet emphasizes that people eat lean meats, fish and seafood’s, eggs, fruits, vegetables and nuts. Prohibited are grains, legumes, potatoes and dairy products, as well as processed foods, salt, and vinegar.   Research has show that a high intake of sugars can worsen the above symptoms.

Some parents have suggested that dietary interventions, such as  gluten-free,  casein-free diet – have helped or even cured their children with autism.  However dietary interventions are very controversial for the autism treatment. There are still mixed feelings.  A significant number of parents have tried the GFCF (gluten-free, casein-free diet) or another type of diet. In some cases, parents say they are certain that the GFCF diet has cured their children of autism or at least helped them improve, and many physicians who treat autism routinely prescribe a GFCF diet for their patients.

See what some of the references I have found say.

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