Sorry I have been MIA for a couple of days.  I was busy planning a fabulous Wedding shower for my niece this past  weekend. And it all played out perfectly on Sunday.

I spent a couple of fantastic days at the brides sisters’ house. The one who educated me on what it is like to be Paleo. I swear if I had no children to take care of, I think I would move my husband and I into her home.  We had the most fabulous meals Saturday to Monday. Everything Paleo in that household.  Well all except the hamburger buns we bought for my husband as he has not come to the other side yet. LOL  From breakfast to dinner everything was amazing.  The shower we planned consisted of 90% paleo as well. Everything was delicious but the Desserts were AMAZING.  I have posted the recipe for the most incrediable Carrot cake for you all.

Carrot Cake


Do you have any recipes to share? I would love to see what your making?