“The food you eat can either be the Safest & Most powerful
form of medicine or the slowest form of poison”
I am extremely amused by the reactions that I get when I say I am Paleo.  People have no idea what this is and only think that it is another FAD diet.  When I try to explain how I eat I just get looks of amazement or really? Remarks like “That’s a lot of work” and “how do you afford that”? Funny because they are giving me the exact look and remarks I gave my niece a year ago. LOL
So just let me say this…For the first time in my whole life I eat real healthy! For the first time in my life I am getting educated about nutrition and trying different foods that I never would have tried before. My tastes have changed.  I have always been a meat and potatoes girl who LOVES her sweets, ( and all kinds of sweets, desserts, candy, pies, ice cream you name it)  I ate fried food, cooked most of my food rich in ingredients, I ate at McD’s and ordered out for subs and Pizza’s! We probably ordered out twice a week for dinner or several times for lunch.  And my weight definitely showed with all that unhealthy eating. I had a chin that ran right into my neck for Christ sake. We even nicknamed it “Chinchilla”  Now I am loosing weight feeling great and loosing the god forsaken “CHINCHILLA”!!!!! 
I eat Fresh fruits and veggies…. tons of veggies, sweet potato and the best cuts of meat and chicken.  My body is starting to take shape again and my bones don’t ache as they use to, as I have said many times before my headaches have also diminished.   So FAD diet you say?????  I say lifestyle change!!!!! I am eating good wholesome food. Food that is good for your soul, mind and body!  I feel great and I will continue to choose this lifestyle because me getting healthy and living a long  beautiful life with my husband and my children is more important to me than eating processed, packaged, greasy shit daily.  You can still eat this way and also have the finer things on your pallet just with wholesome, natural ingredients.
Everyone is different. Everyone has their own beliefs or opinions.  All I can say is educate yourself, learn about the benefits of paleo.  Look at all the results on the internet or that I have posted here that have proven to be nothing but positive for so many people including myself.  You owe it to yourself and to your body!