Since starting Paleo back on Feb 2 of this year I have felt amazing!  As a matter a fact I am astonished at how easy this lifestyle change has been.  I can’t even believe that clean eating is so simple.  I believe doing the whole 30 for 2 months at the beginning was the most important change I could have done for myself. It detoxed my system of all the bad I had been putting into it for so many years  My body and mind had become so dependent on carbs, sugars and processed foods. All that did was put me on a fast track of continuously gaining weight. And the more weight I gained the more unhealthy and unhappy I was.

These past 6 months have been packed with eating clean and becoming more educated on staying healthy.  One of the other bloggers recently had posted, “what is the one carb you miss the most”?  I really had to think about that.  I don’t miss rice or even potatoes.  Sweet potato suffices me just fine and I don’t even need that every night. I don’t miss chips or crackers.   As a family we had baked beans with at least a couple meals a week, I don’t miss those. Pasta I don’t miss, I have replaced that with spaghetti squash …yum! The biggest surprise of all,  I do not have any interest in breads!  Bread seemed to be a staple in my daily eating, whether it was a bagel for breakfast or bread for my sandwich at lunch, and of course garlic bread or dinner rolls for dinner. So then it dawned on me… Chocolate is a carb.  Hahaha, duh that is the only thing I ALWAYS crave!  It’s all about the chocolate.   I guess I just always associated chocolate with sugar, never thinking about the carbs in it.  I have let the chocolate urge take me over on an occasion, but thankfully there are alternatives and there are better chocolate choices for me with the cacao.  So when I need the fix, usually during “the time of the month”, at least I have something to turn to.

I am perfectly happy eating this way and I am feeling very accomplished. I have lost 45lbs in 6 months!  YAY for me!!!! The big 50 is in my very near future and it’s not gonna be my age!!!!

Next up quitting the god awful cigarettes!!! That is my next undertaking and it is coming within the next few weeks.