header2So I have said before that before I started Paleo I had many excuses not to do it.  The biggest excuse I used was “It’s to expensive”

I wanted to share with you how I shop Paleo.

I go to BJ’s Wholesale and buy my meat, fruit & veggies in bulk I usually find it is so much cheaper when I buy it like this. Of course you want to check the sales at the grocery store as well because you may get some of those things cheaper on sale.  I myself do not buy all grass-fed products.  I will buy grass-fed when I want to treat myself.  We are a household of 6 and it is very expensive grocery shopping as it is.

We have an Ocean State Job Lot  near where I live and they carry Almond & Coconut Flour, Coconut Flakes, as well as many  types of nuts.  On occasion  I can find cacao and coconut oil there too. I find it cheaper here than at regular grocery store.  I will shop at Whole Foods for those things I can’t get at the regular store like Coconut Aminos, Coconut Crystals or Tessemea’s . It seems like a lot of running around to different places but I try to get everything I need for as little money as possible. The ingredients I get at Whole Foods and Ocean State Job lot are not ingredients that I use every day, so this stuff will last me up to 2-3 weeks.

My Staple grocery list: ( I change up the meats and veggies for variety, but pretty much this is what I buy)

Chicken Breast
Chicken Thighs
Steak Tips
Sirloin Steak
Pork (chops or roast)
Brussels sprouts
green beans
sweet peppers
Cole Slaw mix
spaghetti squash
coconut milk (full fat)
coconut water (Zico)
Kerry Gold Butter
I always make sure I have plenty of seasonings and butter and coconut oil on hand.

I found this great little tool to use at Paleo on a Budget’s website. You can print off a shopping list to use for a guideline. Amazon has many books for Paleo on a Budget also.

Check out Robb Wolfs Video

If I can eat Paleo and afford it anyone can do it.