Great tips for those of you  who have issues when starting Paleo.  Posted from a fellow blogger!

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Almond Butter Binge


When I started eating paleo, I was disappointed. Sure, I was eating healthier, but I didn’t feel all that great.

The blogs I read said the authors felt amazing when they went paleo, full of energy, vim, and vigor. Fat was literally falling off of their bodies (in chunks, one imagines), as were their clothes. Stomachaches, headaches and body aches disappeared. In short, everything was hunky-dory.

I didn’t feel this way. I was grouchy and basically heinous for two weeks due to lack of sugar. I was exhausted all the time. I was eating everything in sight. I still had headaches that felt like they were pushing out of my eyes, and my skin looked terrible. My stomach still hated me — which eliminated the whole reason I was going paleo in the first place.

Eventually, these things went away and I started feeling better. But nothing online…

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