I love chicken salad!!! I am excited to try this one!! I think I will just use spinach instead.

Books & Bruschetta

We talked about breakfast last post so let’s move on to lunch.  I’ve said before that lunch can get boring.  You’re running around, errands, work, and stress are often times piling up, and then BOOM you’re hungry.  You try and put it off for a little, “I just ate breakfast” you tell yourself.  Before you know it you’re too hungry to think and end up eating the first three things you can grab in the fridge, or cabinet and lunch ends up being a hodgepodge of odd snacks that don’t leave you feeling satisfied at all… (Don’t lie guys, I know I’m not the only one.)  Allow me to introduce you to my solution, chicken salad.



Chicken salad is easy.  Chicken salad is flavorful.  Chicken salad has an endless number of possibilities.  Chicken salad is a no brainer.  Now you’re all probably saying “But Corie, chicken salad is made…

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