This looks Delish too.

Pint-Sized Paleo

Today was fast Sunday in our house.  Once a month, on the first Sunday of each month, we fast for 24 hours.  We do this for religious reasons, but many people in society do it for health reasons as well.  Regardless, it was a perfect way to start a whole30 because I only had to worry about one meal today!

And that meal was….chicken artichoke bowls.  And oh man it was so good!  Here’s the recipe and directions…

Ingredients:  (Serves 2)

– Butternut squash (1 squash makes 2 bowls, you only use the bottom half where the seeds are.  I use the rest to cut up in small chunks to keep in the fridge for quick additions to a skillet)

– 1 organic chicken breast

– 1 whole30 approved sausage of choice (I use Aidell’s chicken apple found at Costco)

– 1 can of artichoke hearts

– 1/3 can of…

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