I was recently away in beautiful Richfield Springs NY outside of Cooperstown. My beautiful niece was married to her soul-mate. Which is why I have not posted much.
It was a great time with incredible food. Since the majority of us in the house we stayed in were Paleo it worked out wonderfully. However having said that I gained 4 lbs in 5 days. Even though we ate all Paleo, we ate a lot of it and a lot of snacks as well! I can’t decide which was yummiest, the scrumptious carrot cake or the kick ass waffles. Yes all made with Paleo approved ingredients.

So I guess I am writing this for a few reasons.
1. You can fit paleo in anywhere you go
2. You can eat paleo sweets
3. You can still gain weight eating Paleo if your eating to much of those treats!!

Just like everything else you can have anything you like only you must do so in moderation. Whether your Weight Watchers, Paleo, Atkins it does not matter. Sweets are sweets natural or not it will stick to you like glue. So when treating yourself. Let it be just that a treat every now and again. NOT every day!
As much as I wish I was still on our fantasy vacation. I am thrilled to be home and eating normal again.