I am feeling pretty good today, woke right up without hitting my snooze button. )

So how did Day 2 go?

Breakfast: Homemade Quiche & Fall Medley courtesy of Renee at Pretty in Paleo She is an amazing cook!!! plus I had my coffee with Almond Milk of course.

Day2whole 30 breakfast

Lunch: Left over BBQ Pork Tenderloin, carrots, and sweet potato

OMG that pork was even more amazing the next day!


Snack: 1/2 avocado & 9 ounces water

Dinner: Hubby cooked dinner tonight!!! Grilled Steak with saut√©ed mushrooms, toss salad w/ Tessemea’s Balsamis dressing, green beans w/ kerrygold and lemon pepper seasoning & 32 ounces water. Oh so good!!!


Snack: Banana with Almond Butter


I am pretty stoked because more and more people are getting interested in Paleo and what it is that I am doing. My Blog is taking off around the world!! Yay! I am excited to say that since starting Paleo myself I have inspired 8 people close to me, and they too have decided to change their eating lifestyle as well. Tonight I sat with a few more friends and 2 new people and explained how I eat, and explained how eating Paleo does amazing things to your body, mind and spirit! I love providing others with the tools they need to change their eating habits, as I was fortunate to receive them from my niece and now I get to pay it forward to others. One started Monday and two will be starting ūüôā
Have a good night! Hitting the hay to get me some zzzzz’s