Day 3 Whole 30

Woke up after another great night sleep. As I was sipping on my hot coffee, which by the way my hubby leaves for me every morning šŸ™‚ I was thinking about how I am doing with trying to quit smoking. As I said the whole reason I am doing another Whole 30 is to keep my cravings for bad food at bay. So far it seems to be working. This makes me very happy. I only used the EZ Cig 3 times again yesterday. My plan is to give my self until the end of the Whole 30 and then eliminate the EZ Cig completely. Wish me luck.

Breakfast: Hard Boiled Eggs, Beef Sandwich Steak (these slices of steak are very good and so easy to cook up with your favorite spices and throw in indivdual bags by servings) , sliced avocado and coffee with Almond milk

Day 3 Breakfast

LUNCH: Tossed Salad (left over from last night), Egg Salad w/ homemade paleo mayo, Green Beans (left over from last night)

Lunch day 3

DINNER: Grilled Chicken Thighs with seasoning, sautƩed broccoli w/garlic, mashed sweet potato w/kerrygold


I finished the night with celery and almond butter. All and all it was a great day eating wise.
Not so great emotionally. PMS and I visited my good friend who is in the hospital! And has the “C” word. Puffed on the EZ cig all the way to hospital and back home. šŸ˜¦
All in all its less than usual and I know tomorrow will be better.

Good night all!