Oh My Goodness!!!!!!


I have been on a bit of a coconut cream buzz over the past few days and yesterday I made this decadent chocolate mousse after a bit of trial and error. As I promised you all yesterday I decided to share the recipe- sorry it has taken so long! This is the second version which I personally prefer, as it has a divine consistency much more like a classic french “mousse au chocolat”, however I will add up the quick and easy whipped recipe which is more like the kind of “chocolate mousse” we get in New Zealand, and which is a bit more coconutty.


-Real Deal Paleo Chocolate + 1 Tablespoon extra cocoa

-400g Coconut Cream

-1 1/2 sachets Jel-It-In setting agent

-2 Tablespoons Sweetner (I used Natvia and honey)


1. Make up the recipe for Real Deal Paleo Chocolate in a double boiler, adding 1 Tablespoon…

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