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Before I get into all of the amazing, positive effects that eating Paleo can have on your body, I want to talk first about all of the negative impacts that come from eating non-Paleo foods, especially grains. Grains are the cause of many, many diseases, yet they are on the bottom, and largest section of the food pyramid. Our government recommends that we eat 6-11 servings of grains every day, when we really don’t need any at all.

Here is what we are at risk for simply by eating grains:

– leaky gut syndrome
– irritable bowel syndrome
– crohn’s disease
– celiac disease
– ulcerative colitis
– diverticulitis
– hypertension
– high levels of bad cholesterol
– thyroid disease
– heart disease & heart attack
– stroke
– asthma
– allergies
– autism (women with undiagnosed or untreated gluten intolerance are three times more likely to have a child…

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