Oy vey, today is Day 5, Absolutely completely Starving, I woke up starving, my belly was growling as a matter of fact.  I’m Pms’ing and So tired all of a sudden, like exhausted! I have eaten my breakfast which was 2 Hard boiled eggs and an avocado, of course my ice coffee with almond milk, then I had an apple and now… onto lunch already and it is only 11 something. Lunch was left over from last night, coleslaw, hamburger and sausage. I will skip the boring pictures today unless I whip up something fabulous for dinner. Which I am not sure that will happen.  What is happening to me today!!!!!!  I can’t even function properly.  OH boy I hope this day goes by quickly.  I wonder if anyone will notice if I go under my desk and take a nap??? Maybe I should just grab another coffee that may help a bit.  Oh an how about the need for chocolate like right this minute!

Oh dear Paleo god get me through the day today! Amen Kelli♥