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I warned you about my pumpkin obsession.. and this is only the beginning..

So Yesterday my 1 year old decided to get me up at the crack of dawn.  Not really, but it was 5:30.  I typically get up at 6:30 and that gives me just enough time (or not) to get everybody out the door on time.  Anyway, it was actually a blessing in disguise that he got up early.  I have been really grouchy in the mornings lately, I can admit it.  It’s hard to get 2 breakfasts made, 2 lunches packed, kids dressed and presentable for the day.  On these busy, chaotic school mornings,  my fuse can be short and the smallest things can set me off.  I have also been slacking on spending time in the word before starting the day.  I have made it a habit lately to get my 1st grader off to school and…

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