I would omit sprinkles for sure and add the coconut as she said.

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So I bought a Cake Pop maker from Aldi, with no idea if it would work with Paleo baking, giving that our baking doesn’t tend to rise as much as gluten or even gluten free baking. I know the sprinkles I used for decorating aren’t paleo, but this is a special treat, and next time I might decorate with shredded coconut instead!

So I decided to try my normal Banana Bread recipe with the coconut flour base, to see if it would work, and if not, it wouldn’t be a loss, because I would just make Banana bread! However it worked well, with a few adjustments.

1. It is better to let the batter rest and thicken so you can slightly overfill the bottom half (so that when the top comes down it does rise slightly but there is enough filling for the cake pop maker to work properly)


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