Sunday Breakfast for 2 this morning, usually there is a full house and I have always cooked Sunday Breakfast for everyone. One son was comatose still and the other two slept out so it was just me and hubby.  I cooked us up some bacon and a quiche.  And this was not as  great as I had wished for but it will be breakfast for Monday morning too.


So hubby asked me to make a smoked shoulder for Sunday dinner.  As the dutiful wife I am. LOL  I went to the Market to grab one.  The Butcher directed me to the boneless ones on sale. I was ecstatic.  No bone, easy cutting and on sale.  I gathered all the veggies for it, (cabbage, carrots, turnip, celery and parsnip)  I got out my crock pot excitedly to make this Sunday dinner.   I opened the first package and it was then that  I realized it…. Dammit  MB placed their sticker, huge by the way 4×4 at least over the original sticker of the product.  I was so darn mad. It was a Leidy’s pre-cooked CURED boneless pork shoulder!!!!! Loaded with nitrates and brown sugar  ERRRRRRRrrrrrr.  Now what? I had all these veggies and 7 lbs of pork and “I” can not eat it.  Hmph….Oh well I proceeded to prepare my veggies and place those in the crock pot as normal added my seasoning and put it on for the day. I had to wait until we were ready to eat dinner and put the shoulder in oven for 40 min to heat up.  I wasn’t really feeling that great  so didn’t think I would be hungry or care by the time it was ready.  A neighbor of mine returned a Tupperware of mine filled with 6 small Paleo Meatballs, they smelt scrumptious.  (I have two good friends as neighbors who are both Paleo now as well,  so it is lovely,  we are always sending samples and treats for each other to try).   Well little to my surprise I was hungry after smelling her meatballs. I had meatballs with the veggies and the family had the  pork shoulder and the veggies. PERFECT!  It all worked out in the end.  I will freeze left over shoulder and make up other dishes for those in my house that are not Paleo “YET”.  It’s a win win situation.

Off to bed I went by 8:30pm.