Day 8 Whole 30

Wow woke up with an incredible belly ache this morning at 4pm. And it wasn’t pleasant at all. Thankfully I was able to drink my coffee to start my day though. 🙂 By the time I got to work it seemed to calm down a bit. And what do you think caused it! I am willing to bet you it was the Very small piece of pork shoulder I tasted last night before I fed my family it. What an a– I am. Goes to show you when you are a clean eater, what happens to your poor system when you put crap into it. I am just surprised as it was a small piece no bigger than a plum. Normally I make others do the taste test with food I do not eat, but no one was at the house when I pulled it out of the oven so figured what is one bite! :/ Lesson Learned!!!!!!

BREAKFAST: QUICHE (spinach, mushroom, bacon, onion and garlic, rosemary salt and pepper) left over from yesterday’s breakfast and a Large Iced coffee with Coconut milk.

Snack: 4 pieces of celery with Almond butter

Lunch: Well seeing how my dinner from yesterday was a huge disaster and botched my meal planning for lunch today. I am going to enjoy a wonderful soup that my neighbor made and shared with me. Paleo Squash, carrot and ginger. Only problem is, it has a bit of honey in it. So much for no sugar on WHOLE 30. But then again I messed that up with the taste of Pork last night already. My intentions for this weeks meals was spot on I swear. Tonight’s dinner will be better.


Oh my good god this soup is delicious. And it brings me back to when my children were babies and I use to puree’ their veggies. Though I am sad there is honey in it, My tongue is doing a dance right now. I must get this recipe from her. WOW super yummy! 🙂 thank you Jen!!!♥

DINNER: Chicken, Stir-fry with Zucchini, Summer squash, Brussels Sprouts, garlic, Coconut Aminos and garlic.


So lets talk about my nasty cigarette habit. Well it is almost null and void I think. I have been using that EZ cig for 13 days now. Again remember it is only 2.1 mg of nicotine in comparison to a regular cigarette which is 9 mg. Saturday I pulled it out twice and only took a couple of drags and yesterday I pulled it out one time and took maybe 5 drags from it. I think I may be getting over the addiction which is a great thing.

Well time to hit the hay. This gal needs her beauty sleep!