WOW woke up chilled this morning and it took until noon to get my toes warm. Guess that was the last night to sleep with the fan IN the window.

I am having a real hard time with the whole 30 this time around. Not sure what or why the reason is but I just can’t get into the swing of it. Probably because things got messed up with my food. ūüė¶ Wondering how many times others have done the Whole 30? This is my 4th and quite frankly… I’m a little bored. LOL.

I think I need to brighten up my food choices, make them a little more colorful or something. Like I said I started another round of whole 30 because I was afraid of all the cravings I would get when I quit smoking. Well fortunately. I don’t seem to be having a difficult time with it as I thought.



Breakfast: One of My favorites; Sliced Avocado with 2 fried eggs on top and I bought an Iced Cinnamon coffee last night and only had a quarter of it so finished it this morning with my breakfast. It was refreshing even still. And it was a little exciting for my tongue and my belly, always is.


Snack: Celery with Almond Butter

Lunch: Left over Stir Fry from last night.

Dinner: Spaghetti squash and Meatballs!! Well now here is something to look forward too for sure.