We need to stop listening to what the government keeps telling us to eat and start listening to our bodies.

Living Life despite Chronic Pain

Since first hearing about the Paleo diet from my California cousin last year, and then deciding to go all in this January, grains have been a topic of ~ sometimes heated ~ discussions.

We have a grown up with the old example of the food pyramid showing that a person “needs” 6 -11 servings of food pyramidgrains a day to be healthy. This brainwashed us.  We thought because the government put this out, they must know what they are talking about.  However, consider a few facts before you really keep sticking to this way of thinking.

Did you know that the food pyramid was conceived in the 1960’s due to an increase in Americans getting heart disease? The U.S. Department of Agriculture responded with the food guide pyramid and Dietary Guidelines for Americans (a pamphlet which is updated every five years).  (1)

Okay, so? The Government was trying to take…

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