I have successfully not had a cigarette  for 24 days and I haven’t had an electronic cigarette for 5 days!!!!!!   And if that is not exciting enough,  all the cravings for potato chips, cookies or those foods that are bad for me just didn’t show up like I thought they would.  🙂 I seem to be handling this just fine.  Oh and hello my ass got into a size 14 jeans today.  Now… I hear Gap generally runs a little big but who cares, the tag said 14 and I was in them.   Today will be my last day of WHOLE 30,  therefore making it a Whole 12!  Of course I am continuing to eat Paleo because duh,  that is the only way to eat.   So does that make me a quitter?  Well ha ha yes it does, I quit smoking.  As for the Whole 30, I started it again for 1 reason only, I was afraid of using food that would be bad for me as a replacement for cigarettes.  Thankfully I am doing just fine on all fronts!   🙂