I love green beans and bacon thans to the healthy dynamic duo for sharing.


Normally when we’re thinking about posting a recipe, we’ll pull out our trusty camera (read small outdated digital camera) and snap away as we make our dish. Is the lighting good? Does this picture make the food look good? Holy Jesus why can’t we get a good focus on the food?!!?

Or we’ll make a dish and think to ourselves, “Dammit, we should have taken pictures while making this”…

Then we don’t get around to making it again for a while at which time we usually sit down at the table and think DAMMIT,WESHOULDHAVETAKENPICTURESWHILEMAKINGTHIS!!!!!”

So for this recipe, there is only one picture: The final product (with some instagram filtering) cause fuck it, we made this and it was phenomenal. It was a dish that was shared during the big Canadian Thanksgiving family dinner and barely a green bean…

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