Thanks to washoftheday of sharing his tidbit!!! Love pumpkin!

[Wash of the Day]

Happy fall, Wash of the Day-ers (yes, that’s you).

Pumpkin: no longer just for breads, jack-o-lanterns, and holiday pies. That’s right, friends! Pumpkin is squashing the competition this month with its awesomeness. Fortunately, [touch·n·go] is there for your  pumpkin needs.

That’s right. Don’t be afraid. Embrace the pumpkin. Why, you ask?

Glad. You. Asked.

Pumpkin WOD TouchNGo Soap Wheel 843x403


Pumpkin is supposed to be fantastic for the skin. All treat and no trick here!  It’s got tons of vitamins A and C (both passing grades, FYI) which are said to both soften your skin and help prevent aging. If you add in zinc and vitamins E and T for that haunting acne, along with dead-skin-cell-dissolving enzymes, you’ll be so bewitchingly radiant that wearing a sheet this Halloween may no longer be a costume consideration (I mean, you wouldn’t want that radiant-ness covered, right?).


Pumpkin is just too…

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