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I am very excited to learn and share more information on what Gluten does to your body!! I have many friends who have stomach issues, bone issues and hair loss issues. I want to help spread the word. And this is a great tool to do so.

Check out this video
Even a Milligram of gluten a day

Dr Tom the founder of Thedr.com talks about The Five things you didn’t know about Gluten Here

“The most basic Paleo Diet recommendation is the removal of gluten. But did you know that gluten sensitivity goes well beyond the digestive tract? Dr. O’Bryan reveals the latest research on how gluten consumption may lead to autoimmune disease, osteoporosis, and muscle pain without digestive symptoms.”

Don’t you want to know?? Dr Tom O’Bryan along with 29 of the worlds experts will share information about Gluten with us.

If you stick to this shopping list you will be fine. No Gluten here.


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