There is nothing like New England’s first snow fall!!!! The sight of new fallen pure white snow just puts a smile on my face every time. And then…there is the reminder of the shoveling. Haha well this morning it took me 2 hours to shovel our driveway and clean the cars. Only this year I was smart, I stretched before during and after and also took Motrin. I’m praying I won’t be hurting later.

Growing up in New England I never get tired of watching the seasons change. The beautiful colors that evolve from season to season is just spectacular.

From the whitest of white when the snow first falls. The way it just sits on the tree branches and weighs them down…just beautiful.

The gorgeous flowers blooming and all the magnificent colors as each one blooms. The many different colors of the many birds singing. The green leaves returning to the trees.

The greenest of green grass, and more flowers blooming. The shimmer of the ocean as the sun glistens off it.

AHH my favorite season of all. The many different colors the leaves start turning. The gorgeous fall sunsets, of orange and red and of course the crisp clean air.