Well hello my friends!!! I have been a little distracted lately. It seems at my age (45 in 16 days) that’s not so hard to do. Distraction, lack of concentration and memory, all are going. LOL
I have done a lot of preparing, baking and eating….the holidays bring on so many delicious treats and rich foods. I had no problem eating Paleo meals it was the goodies that got me, they always get me. But I have told you all before, that is something I am honest about. I love me some sweets!!!! Well I’m here to tell you I’m feeling every bit of it to, it seems like the past month there was a cookie or three haha of some kind in front of my face. Whether I was making it as a gift or making it for the family, it didn’t matter there was a lot of taste testing I had to do. Oy vey…
I’m happy to say that I cleared my house of all the bad leftover treats…there’s no chocolate there’s no cookies there’s nothing that will tempt me. At least in my sight anyway, but who the heck knows what those kids have in their rooms. I have 10 short days before I’m on vacation in sunny Florida to get back on track and get the sugar out of my system and eat healthy. I am on a mission. I need to take control of myself and get this bloatedness out of my face because it’s driving me crazy.
I’m only away for a short trip then back at it when I return.

Today I prepped my breakfast for tomorrow;
Asparagus, spinach, egg scramble

Chicken soup,w/ spinach, mushrooms, and carrots.

Prepped roasted white and orange sweet potato with carrots, which I will pair with my stuffed chicken with artichoke and spinach.

What are you all doing to stay on track after the holidays????