Boston is at the beginning of what they say will be a two day Nor’easter event.

We are expected to get anywhere from a foot to 15 inches in many areas and last time I checked at 6:30 this morning there were well over 230 school closings. But work for me still was on.  I had an awful sleep last night anxious about the impending storm I think. I am a white knuckled driver even with my big 4-wheel drive SUV.

As I look out my office window,


I am thinking about how much nicer it would be at home cuddled on my couch in comfy clothes smelling a nice chili cooking in the crockpot. But not today.  Anyway I thought I would share my Chili recipe with you all, maybe you can enjoy it instead.

You can see my “Chili with a Twist” on Fastpaleo or PINTREST.