Well here we are Saturday, Jan 5, 2014. Two days after the start of the “Hercules” Nor’easter.  day after nor'easterWe ended up with approximately 2 ft of snow in all from the storm, with drifts at least 5 ft tall as you can see.  Temps are so frigid here in Massachusetts.  Today in Danvers, Ma this morning at 9 am was 1 degree!  It is extremely cold.

I found this really great article at Paleomagonline.com that I wanted to share with you regarding Top 5 paleo traps.

After reading it I am wondering if one of the reasons I plateaued is the quantity of meat I am eating.  The article above doesn’t say this could be my plateau reason but looking at the amount I should be eating it is a possibility. When I first got into Paleo almost a year ago, my niece said do not worry about how much you are eating,  eat until you are full.  She wanted me to keep satisfied, but still eating healthy foods.  I kept to the same theory up till now.  But after reading this article I think it is time to cut my consumption of meat down.  I am not positive but I am pretty sure that I am eating more than 25% of calories in meat. I am not exactly sure on the actual because as I said I do not keep track.  But after my vacation I think that I will be.