As I sat on my flight back from Florida, I realized my vacation was about to end, my birthday was about to wind down and now I needed to get back to a better ratio of clean eating. I am hoping to enter my office Tuesday and see that all the tins of cookies are gone, that everyone has put the chocolate away so that I have a clear head to get back into the swing of things. “The party is over” as they say. Some how I managed to buy all 14 pants just recently, but I definitely feel bloated from not eating regularly.

So back to Paleo Basics

1. Increased lean protein intake
2. Low carbohydrate intake
3. High Fiber intake
4. Higher intake of good fats
5. Increased intake of potassium
6. Lower intake of salt

The Paleo diet has helped me this past year to become healthier, and I have reduced my weight considerably down 50lbs. I do not experience chronic pain as I did for years. Eating Paleoish as been a way of life for me. One of the better decisions I have made in my life for the better.

So back to reality I go…

Time to dive into all those E books I have downloaded for some new recipes and ideas.