So after I saw a post that originated from The Paleo Mama about the awesome Paleo finds at costco, of course I couldn’t wait to check it out.
Below is what I found available, prices differed a bit in some cases from the list but every location in each State is bound to be different. My local Costco, in Danvers Ma. I also listed what I was able to get it for at my local store Market Basket;

Vita Coco Water 6/1 liter cartons (not my favorite but I got it) $19.99 – instead of Zico 6/ 1 liter for 14.99. normally I purchase Zico single 14 ounce bottles 2/$4.00 so this was a deal.
Carrington Coconut oil. 54oz. 15.99 – same price as Paleo Mama found, I normally buy 14 ounces $7.99 at Market Basket so that’s a super deal at Costco.
Kirkland Organic Cage Free Eggs 2 doz ….yikes 6.99 – instead of list price $5.99 (FYI Market Basket price-2.69 a doz I believe, so cheaper there by 1.61)
Avocado 6 count – 5.49 – Great Price!!! Market Basket had them for $1.39 last week
Kerrygold 3/ pack $6.99 – instead of $5.99 on list Market Basket has it for $2.39 per one package
Organic Bananas 7 on stem $1.99 Market Basket has been .49 lb so this was a good price
Practical Paleo by Diane Sanflippo this was the best purchase of the night!!!! $23.99 and worth every Dollar. I have seen her book a tad cheaper elsewhere but I just knew I could not wait anymore for this book.

I did see so many more items on the list Paleo Mama posted but I only went in for the key items shown. One thing that stood out and I will definitely go back…the Almond Flour, it was the size of 3 regular bags for like $12.99 I think…

I will report back on my Practical Paleo book ASAP, I am super excited about it.
She has 30 Day meal plans and some pretty incredible looking recipes for the following:
1. Autoimmune
2. Blood Sugar Regulation
3. Digestive Health
4. Thyroid Health
5. Fibromyalgia
6. Neurological Health
7. Heart Health
8. Cancer Recovery ( super excited to see this and speak to a few good friends recovering from Chemo)
9. Athletic Performance
10. Fat Loss
11. Squeaky Clean Paleo

Stay Tuned…