Peaches N' Paleo

Stuffed Peppers 1

Who’s gearing up for the Super Bowl?! Beer.. Food… Football… good times! Parties are a great excuse to make some fun finger-food, but they can also be a HUGE diet pit-fall for people who are trying to watch what they eat. You’re surrounded by chips, dips, cookies, and beer – it’s a serious recipe for temptation. One chip here, one cookie there… you know where this leads and it is NOT towards a bikini. Whether I’m throwing a party or attending one, I always prepare myself by preparing/bringing multiple paleo food options (and bringing hard cider!) so I have no excuse to be tempted by gluten and preservative filled “goodies”. You can take the easy route and bring veggies and a fruit tray and grass fed cheese… but let’s be honest, that’s not very exciting, is it? You’ll easily shun a hard carrot for some seven layer nacho dip as…

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