The Paleo Diet Food List


Plantains are staple ingredients in households throughout South America, and in homes found in many tropical areas around the world. Now that you’re looking for alternatives to potatoes, you’re probably investigating every tuber on the planet. Are plantains Paleo?

What are Plantains?

They look like bananas, but if you break into just any plantain, you might be greeted with a number of different insides: rock-hard, soft and mushy, orange, yellow, and more. Plantains are starchy members of the banana family, which includes over 500 different varieties. In Latin America, the root word of banana is actually a translation of plantain. “Plátanode seda” refers to the banana those of us in North American know and love, although many other varieties are common throughout Asia and South America.

Plantains grow on trees and contain more starch but less sugar than regular bananas. They can be steamed, boiled…

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