Well we did it another day in our pocket. Hubby is holding on strong even after 19 hours of working and still going. We just had a major snow storm here in Beantown. 12 + inches where he works. He has managed to keep going with the food fuel I gave him thank goodness. He still isn’t liking the coffee change. He went from cream and sugar in his coffee or a bulletproof with 1 sugar (which he usually starts his morning with) to black coffee. This is very harsh for him. He does not like the almond or coconut milk. I told him he will grow to love one or the other. They are an acquired taste. I couldn’t be more proud of his determination. And extremely psyched to be doing this with him.

Tomorrow morning if he is still working I will reward him with a hot bulletproof and a hot breakfast. They work crazy ass hours keeping those streets clean and clear.

As for me so far so good. I am moving forward nicely.

Check out our snow!!! And they say another big storm is on its way for Sunday!!!!