The Paleo Periodical

There’s no doubt a Whole30 takes preparation. When mine began on October 2, I was out of town and had attended a wedding the night before. We got home, the fridge wasn’t stocked, and I hadn’t given much thought to the whole thing. The first few days weren’t very inspiring, but you gotta roll with what ya got.

Which leads us to:

  1. Stock up on good stuff.

    Be prepared, but not to the point of paralysis. It’s important to have raw materials on hand so you’re not tempted to give up, but don’t let that turn into an obstacle that becomes too big you can’t surmount it. The perfect becoming the enemy of the good, and all that. The faster you dispense with the idea that there’s an ideal way to Whole30, the better off you’ll be. Don’t aim for someone else’s idea of a Whole30, aim for yours.

  2. Know…

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