Day 20-Whole 30 almost completed.
So very proud of my hubby. He is 10 days shy of completing his 1st Whole 30. It’s been a long crazy 20 days. He has been working round the clock fighting snow storms. He is a city worker so lots of overtime keeping the streets clean. I did my best to keep him equipped with as much healthy food as I could. He was left to his own devices a couple of times on those late nights, and he did awesome. I keep raving about him because it seems very easy for him considering he had no interest in Paleo for the longest time. He does miss his Budweisers though.
Well today was a fun busy day. I did my weekly shopping stated at Whole Foods, I usually only go every few weeks to get my Teasemea products and Coconut Amino’s. I get everything else at Market Basket.
Today I made a big sauce with meatballs and sausage the kids have been missing it. Hubby and I had it over spaghetti squash. While the sauce was cooking, I also made my version of Nom Nom’s Asian meatballs
Here is her recipe Asian Meatballs. I used her recipe and added a few twists. I added shredded carrots and 1/4 coconut amino and some fresh ginger. They were super good. So would that make it a new recipe? Hmm not sure. Here is what they looked like before I cooked them.


Next up was Pretty in Paleo Asian Fitatta

While all this was cooking I was preparing my chicken bone broth
And guess what makes the tastiest bone broth???

Yup chicken legs. I never ever would have thought me of all people would even pick one of these things up. But once I tasted my friends broth cooked with these it was a “No brainier” as they say. All you do is roast them before adding them to your crockpot with the other ingredients. I added two other carcass bones as well as a few springs of rosemary, fresh garlic and onion. I will keep on in the crockpot up to 24 hours. Hopefully I can get it to gel. I haven’t had one gel yet.ūüėĘ

Lastly I saut√© skirt steak with coconut oil, garlic and ginger until cooked to my desired “medium”, then removed steak to a bowl for a few so that I could saut√© my veggies in coconut amnio and fish sauce. I used fennel bulb, sugar snap peas, red and yellow pepper as well as sliced onion. Mmmm mmm my house smells so good. Sorry I was too tired to take the picture.
Lastly I made Apple Pie Lara Bars from Pretty in Paleo too for something sweet to enjoy.
Now it’s time for some sleepy time tea and my comfy bed!!!
Sleep tight!!!!