While I finish up my grocery list I made a quick breakfast to get me though the shopping. There is nothing worse than shopping on an empty stomach.

Some of this weeks menu will consist of
Homemade breakfast sausages. A.A.G
Spanish frittata with chorizo. A.A.G
Korean Beef with asparagus A.A.G
Sesame Orange Chicken A.A.G
Pulled pork
Chicken salad
As you can tell I am using a few recipes from my new cookbook look for it at Against All Grain or Amazon also sells it for a great price
I’m learning a lot from her cookbook, which cuts of beef and which veggies are best to buy organic.
Because I am not a super great baker I found her tip on flour really useful as the differences between regular flour and coconut flour are huge. She suggests “measuring out coconut flour ingredients twice.” She says “it sounds tedious, but coconut flour is very finicky and even an extra half teaspoon can change the texture of the baked goods.”
Happy Sunday folks. I hope you enjoy it, I’m off to the stores.